The Wendy Olson Arboretum, Inc.

The Wendy Olson Arboretum, Inc.


The Wendy Olson Arboretum, Inc. is a certified level one arboretum in a residential neighborhood near downtown Hillsborough, NC. With almost three acres total, the property has a robust mix of riparian, upland, shade, and sun. The garden will feature native and keystone trees, plants, and shrubs, which support local wildlife including birds, insects,  and mammals. Many of these are pollinators.

There is a healthy perennial creek which runs through the property and flows into the Eno river. We are building beautiful strolling gardens which include native boulders and cypress log steps, as well as stone footbridges over the creek. The sunny portion of the garden will be dedicated to food foraging, fruit trees, and herbs for neighbors to enjoy, and will feature a Piedmont prairie on the portion of the property which is shared by the town’s sewer easement.

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Audio interview on WHUP’s 3-D News, October 17, 2023
A garden tribute: Organizers have high hopes for Wendy Olson Arboretum, article in the News of Orange, September 29, 20

Questions? Please email us at wendyolsonarboretum at gmail dot com.

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Wendy Olson Arboretum, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity. We will use donations to help us in our goal of removing invasive plant species and planting food gardens native and keystone species, as part of our ongoing habitat restoration. Click the donate button do donate via Paypal, debit, or credit card!

You can also send a check to:

Wendy Olson Arboretum Inc
519 Lakeshore Dr
Hillsborough, NC 27278